Some of the Kidimals

Just some of the kidimals that live here with us, the blog would be waaaay to long if I did a piece for everyone.
This is Bear or Mama as we call her. She turned up at the house we used to have. Turned up out of nowhere, covered in dreadlocks and freiendly as can be. I decided to feed her to see if she would come back. Come back you say, She never left but she did bring another dog back with her 1 day who we later found out was Bears son, Buddy. They used to belong to a woman who lived not far round the cove from us, she was a carer for somebody and when the lady she was caring for died, she moved back to where she was from....and left the dogs! Bear & Buddy became part of the family and Buddy went missing, never to return. When we moved here, Mama was already settled into home living instead of outdoor living, never messed on the floor, is quiet, just does her thing and is our old lady. We took her in to get spayed but was told she is already done and has a scar and a X tattoo to prove it. We got told she was 6 years old, that was 8 years ago. She sure doesnt act like a 14 year old so we have no idea how old she is but we do know for a fact she is ours.

Then came EMMA!!!

I had just been paid off from my job and needed another dog like I need a hole in the head. A guy I worked with had just had a baby and went and got a puppy. It worked for all of a few weeks, then it got to much for them so he called me. I didnt say anything to Boyd, went and had a look, just a look!! I couldnt leave this poor thing there another minute. She had been sold at 5 weeks old and was now 8 weeks old weighing in at 3.3LBs. I scooped her up and off to the vets I went with the money from my newly cashed 1st unemployment cheque. My FREE dog turned out not to be free after all. She was worm ridden, malnurished, vitamin deficient, dehydrated, you name is she had it wrong with her. Emma went to the vets every week of her young life untill she was 3 months old. She was allergic to grass, to bee stings, food went thru her like a dose of salts, so it was test after test, bill after bill untill we had a healthy puppy who was now to heavy for her size and age! You just cant win with some! Emma is my problem child, she brings in freshly dropped pine comes, chews them up, moves, chews them up a bit more then goes and gets another. I have been thru god knows how many pairs of Crocs, shoes, socks, bras, t shirts, sweaters, packets of smokes, you name it, she has chewed it.
This is Emma taken all of 1 minute ago. As you can see, there is nothing wrong with her now!!!!

Then we got Locksley. We went to the Jockey Lot (car boot sale for you British folks). My Birthday was just a few days away, guess what Boyd bought me.

Dont let the cuteness fool you! I will NEVER, EVER get another Bassett Hound. IN MY LIFE!!!! Lazy, lazy, LAZY with a big old fat capital "L". My parents call him Borstal Boy. Borstal meaning bad boys go into Borstal to keep them from society. Hes 4 now, I honest to god did not think he would live to see his 1st Birthday never mind his 4th! Why go outside to pee when I can pee on the rug next to the door, oh yes indeedy. I have told that dog every time he has peed on that rug he is going back to the Jocket Lot, I have threatened to swap him for goats, then swap him for a horse, hes been threatened with living outside. Just think how many more ducks I can get if I swapped him out. I have beet his ass with anything and everything and his tail does not stop wagging at me. I  can get up in the morning and if he is not right beside me I know. I stand there looking, walking round looking. All I have to do it look at him. If he looks guilty HE IS GUILTY!! Alot of rugs later, he is still here!
This is him, this morning, peeping at me from behind those ears, hoping I dont see him all covered up lying there like butter wouldnt melt in his mouth. I didnt cover him up, he did that himself. Unmade the bed and put himself in it!

Meet Chaz. Chaz and his brother came to live with me after his mom Muley had a hard time feeding them. Mary asked if I wanted 2 baby goats, but I would have to bottle raise them. I jumped on it. I was going to take 1 and a neighbour said she would take another. Fine with me, and every day, 3 times a day I would go down and feed my baby goat Polo. Polo was a sickly kid but I stuck by him when he got bloat, took him the vets when he got a hernia, then back to the vets when the hernia came back. My poor baby goat  died at the vets, I brought him home and buried him out in the yard. Chaz was ment to go to his new home but she changed her mind so I kept Chaz, along with Tilly and FeeBee who I got at the same time as Chaz. Chaz has turned into a big sucker who will knock you off your feet given every chance. He hates my husband and will go after him, hooking him in the privates if he gets to close. My hubby used to go in and feed them untill 1 day Chaz got him good, now he wont even go near him and says, That goat hates me, he gets me every time I go in there!!!   heheheheh. Chaz is his mamas boy and does not like anyone to come near me. 

Chaz & little Polo when they were babies.

Jack Sparrow! Got his name the minute he was born. Hes got 1 brown leg and when he was a baby it looked like a peg leg...plus Pirates of the Carribean was all the rage.. Jack and his sister Sassy were just babies when their mom stopped producing milk in 1 teat. It got to the point that they would fight over the 1 teat and they more of less shredded it to the point mom was like..no way, that hurts. She would lie down and the babies would not get to drink. Jack & Sassy soon learned to fend for them selves but were alot smaller than the rest of the baby goats. We didnt think Jack would make it. Mary would shout GOATY GOATY GOATY down the pasture and all the goats would come running at dinner time. By the time Jack managed to get back to the barn the feed was finished and all the goats would be walking back outside with full bellies. Poor Jack would get knocked over and he would just lie there. 1 day I was down there and we were watching the goats and poor Jack got knocked over, that was it, he was coming home with me, so I scooped him up and put him in the truck, I said to Mary I cant take him on his own I will have to take another for company, so his sister got scooped up too. I now owe Mary 3 female goats for Tilly, FeeBee & Sassy. Chaz & Jack were saved from being meat. After all thats what Boer goats are for!

From the front: Sassy, FeeBee, Jack, Tilly & Chaz.

Well thats all for today, I will do another blog another day with some more of my kidimals. There are lots more..LOTS MORE!!!


Neterpoo said...

awww I love the Bassett...but I wouldn't love the pee pee rugs! He looked so cute all tucked in bed!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, as I said, dont let the cuteness fool you LOL.
I havent posted to Facebook, I cant get it to post so I gave up. I just dont know whats wrong, same with I cant comment with my name, I do Annon and sign it myself LOL. It just donesnt like me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nicky,

I love your blog! I never read many blogs but tonight I stopped and read yours, it is really enjoyable! Im partial to Bassetts, well any hound for that matter. Crow probably has mentioned our (my) beagles. Cool goats, too! Looks like you have a lot of fun there.

Warren (Crow's Warren)

Crow said...

I promise. I will never eat a goat, or a dog, or a duck. :-)

That pee-pee head Basset hound is the cutest guy ever! All your dogs ar so cute, and healthy!

They are all so fortunate to have you as their Mom.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rusty, Thanks for stopping by to have a read of my crazy life. That darn dog is the biggest Doofer ever. I always wanted a bassett, NEVER again, I have learned my lesson!!!
NIcky. x

Anonymous said...

ICrow, I dont know if I could eat goat, any goat! I would eat duck, I know I would never be able to DO THE DEED on my ducks and eat them, but I would eat duck. Ive heard its very greasy.