Kiss My Ass!!!

The Government can go kiss my ass as far as I am concerned.

I just went to SIGN ON...for Unemployment. She asked if I had opened a bank account yet? No I told her I cant do that yet untill I get my cheque with my married name and my address on it. She then turned round and told me I would NOT be getting any benefits!!!!!!
I was like  OOOOOKK...Why?

Because I own property in America and its in my name I own more than 16,000 pounds so I dont qualify. Have you ever heard so much crap in all your life.
After telling her I had split from hubby, she said we dont care, you walked away and we now look at it that hes due you rent so you are making money, even tho Im not.
If I was to turn up at the housing office and say my folks kicked me out, with anyone else they put you into some sort of temp accomodation untill there is a house for you. I now do not fit into that catigory!!!  WTF!!!! I own property and its my fault I moved out of it so Unlucky ME!

The Government can go KISS MY LILLY WHITE ASS!

Rant over for the day. I hope you have a better day than me. :)

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