Quality Control for the hay

At long last...July 22nd to be exact!!! Hay, 2nd cutting. No more of the dried up winter crap. Nice GREEN hay. Thank You Gene...$45.. SAY WHAT!!!! Daylight robbery at its finest. Give me 2 bales and send up a prayer they dont roll off when I go round a bend and send up another prayer that Mr Police man does not catch me with no lights with my bales rolling round in the back of the trailer.

Amen!!! made it home. The goats eyes nearly popped out their heads when they saw me coming up the drive. Quality Control guys were on standby waiting to inspect. I had those puppies rolled off the trailer in 30 seconds flat. Pictures didnt turn out to well in the sun...but believe me...ITS GREEN!!!!
2 nice big bales...should last me about 6 to 8 weeks. They are as tall as me 5 ft 5.

Quality Control stepped in. Checked it out... and checked it out some more.

They decided to check the under side too...theres just no pleasing some folks!

Looking good so far....

Yep, Its good hay, YOU PAID HOW MUCH!!! Tell Mr Gene he can kiss our lilly white butts, he needs to lower the price!!!
Its thirsty work being Quality Control round here.
Mary, Steve & Kenneth Roddy all turned up to help me tip the bales flat side down onto pallets. Thank You Roddy Clan. Time to go out and sit and look at my nice hay for a little while.

Duck days of Summer

Dont you just hate the dog days of Summer, with its heat, sticky air you can cut with a knife.
All I seam to do is sweat all summer. I can not get motivated at all. I get up and have my coffee, clock watching, knowing that I should be out letting the ducks out, feeding everyone. I know that as soon as I step foot out the door im going to sweat! I HATE IT!!!
I go and let the ducks out, I feed everyone, clean the duck house, refill waterbowls & pools, and Im soaked to the skin, literally. I know I have to keep going out, checking on everyone in the heat of the day and I sit there dreading every minute of it. I just wish the wind would blow, the rain would come, dreanch the place and soak me to the skin with rain and not sweat. Yeah I know, SUCK IT UP!!! I cant, If I do, im only sucking up the sweat that dripping down my face, nasty I know.
Im not from round these parts.Im from Scotland, we have snow in June. Oh how I wish we had snow in June in South Carolina, I would even settle for sleet, or even a tad of rain, to wake everyone up from these dog days of lying round to hot and exhausted to do anything. Yes Im a moaner, I hate feeling lethargic with this heat. I want to moan again that the type of lettering in this blog has changed, I want to change it but If I do, I know I will loose what I have typed so far, so, never mind.
Even the little birds sit still and are quiet. Not a cheep out of anyone. Even the crows have been quiet the past couple of days, usually they are out the back of the property cawing at what ever is pissing them off at the time, but nothing, they just want to sit in the shade, not move and get sweaty.
The minis dont do much either, they just congregate round the back of their carport stalls out of the sun and under the trees trying to keep cool, nose to tail, all swishing the flies out of each others faces. The goats sit up on their porch, chewing the cud...yes goats chew their cud! The poor ducks and geese, they try to stay cool but the sun heats up their pools and buckets so quick they have very little relief. The water gets so hot its unbelievable, if it wasnt poop soap, you would use it to have a bath its that hot. They cant wait till the after noon to see me come sweating across the yard. I can sit in the house witht he AC on, they have to sit out in the heat, poor things, and wait for me to come and hose them down.
They all stand there quite happily as I give them some relief from the heat, standing tall like little soldiers, waiting for their turn to be hosed down and get their pools and water bowls filled up. Then for half an hour everyone is happy. They splash about like a bunch of kids, playing, splashing, digging mud holes round the pools, wallowing in it for the relief from these dog days of summer.
Everyone one of them is happy to see me standing there dripping in sweat, the sweat stinging my eyes, getting eaten alive by every bug that passes by. Ok, so I must admit, not this past week I havent. I bought some goats milk soap with citronella in it, no bugs on me, its brilliant!!!! I wish it would also stop the sweat.
SO!! Think of your animals on these hot, dog days of Summer! Dont let them suffer.


Greetin Bairns

That is what we say back home. Greetin Bairns, meaning Crying Babies, kids, children or even adults.
 Fits a dee we at Greetin Bairn. Whats wrong with that crying baby.
Thast what I thought yesterday when I saw a comment, an unprovoked, un needed comment by an adult. He must of been sat there locked in his unhappy, self loathing world, they both were I knew they were, hateing everyone, everything around them, wondering who they could piss off next and what Joneses they could keep up with. They think everyone is beneath them, oh how wrong they are. We all just look at them, shake our heads, say nothing. Its not worth it. They are not worth it. Just smile, piss them off even more than they are. Leave them in their own little rose tinted world where they can think up more crap to come out of their mouths like it has been for the past god knows how many year. Damn Greetin Bairns.

My own bairns, my kidamals were greetin this morning. It started at 5.30, I got up to make Boyd lunch for work and I could hear them. Peeping away to themselves, well to me really. They had no water, I could tell, thats the only time you hear them. They have to wait, I need to make his lunch and I need coffee. So i left those greetin bairns to greet. Then the next bairn started, non stop so I got up and lifted his fat ass on the bed with Emma. Emma the boxer can jump up, bassett hounds have short stumpy legs so I have to heave his heavy butt onto the bed. They are dogs, they shouldnt even be on the bed. At 6am I dont need greetin bairns so up he went and while I was on my feet, the ducklings down in th spare room got fed & watered to stop them greetin.

Before long it was time to go let everyone out, Sunday is ment to be a day of rest, oh I wish I could of gone back to bed but no. I went to church with Mary & Tony. So, Sundays are a rush for me. I have to get everyone out, fed, cleaned out, shower, hair..ok not hair, I just wash, shake and leave it, get dressed and out the door by 9.30. So I walk out the door to go let the ducks out and there is greetin all over the place. Sonny the cat is greetin. He needs feeding 1st, I had forgotten his dish, so back inside I go. There, you greetin bairn, shut up and eat. I could hear the next lot of greetin bairns...the goats,  hollerin like there is no tomorrow, greetin telling the whole world they are starved to death. Liar, Liar pants on fire!!! I cant do them 1st, I let the ducks out. They can see me thru the window of the duck house, WAAAAK WAAKKKKKKKKKK WAKWAAAKWAKKKKK, none stop. Damn greetin bairns! Ducks are out, fed, watered, geese are out fed & watered. Goats are next and then horses. They are the quiet ones, they just do little nickers, nip at each others legs, bite each others necks, do little bucks and fart at the same time.

At last everyone is fed. Im walking to the house and all hell braks loose. The geese are arguing thru the fence with the Pekins. For some reason they hate each other, they are like kids, picking at each other, im better than you, I can bite better than you, my black cat is blacker than your black cat...you get my drift here. Moon the grey goose, she had her head thru the fencing trying to rip the head of a Pekin. The geese are cheering Moon on along with the white Runners and then 1 of the Pekins grabbed Moon by the neck. OMG!!! Damn greetin bairns. She pulled her head back thru the fence and starts a tantrum. Just like kids you see in Walmart. The kids whos parent wont by them this or that and they throw themselves on the floor and start greetin and flailing like a fish on a hook. Here, oh child, who is NOT mine. I will give you something to flail about and you will be greetin for the rest of the week. So I gets the 2 gangs separated and all calms down. Ok, I have time now for a quick shower, a coffee and then church. By the time I picked up the eggs and headed across the yard, Juno...another goose is outside in the human yard along with my 2 young Pekin drakes. I could tell what was going to happen before it even started. Elliot & Gemini rushed Juno, who screamed like a big girls blouse and has a panic attack right there and then for everyone to see & hear. They frightend Juno so much she was more or less flailing on the ground, she had turned into 1 of those fainting goats, was so scared she fell and couldnt get up. I wish her mouth would stop working when this happens but no...damn greetin bairn wont stop. I go runing across the yard, I have to get there before the mob comes. Im running from 1 direction, the other geese and their side kick skinny assed Runner friends are closing in from the other direction. I gets there 1st picked up Gemini and throws him over the fence into the yard he should of stayed in, Elliot is now running for his life with 4 geese and 8 skinny freak birds chasing him. I notice the goats are greetin and bangin heads over whos, is whos, file of hay. Good Lord, I give 6 piles of hay, there is only 5 of them but they are still greetin. Damn greetin bairns. All im thinking as I run across the yard is...im glad I dont have neighbours who can hear my greetin bairns. The Pekins are all up in arms screaming thru the fence RUN ELLIOT!!! RUN!!. Elliot and his fat booty is doing the best he can and managed to get thru the fence minus a few tail feathers while the mob stands goading him on from the other side of the fence. Juno is 6 foot tall now he has his friends round to back him up and the noise is defening with 4 geese all GREETIN at the same time. Damn bairns, always greetin.
I leave them all to have my shower, coffee and go to church.
 4 kids go to church every week and they all sit there like kids should. All dressed in their Sunday best, sitting next to parents. Behaving. Like kids should. The parents have installed manners into their kids. You dont hear greetin bairns at church. The youngest is around 2, you never hear her greetin. I liked the last preacher we had. He was always going on about whoopin ass, getting them to behave, helping them be good people, help them to do right and if they do wrong, whoop their asses. I liked that preacher! You always heard AMEN!!! from me. Oh yeah, I was there before he even finished the sentence. AAAAAMEN! Yes Sir.
This week the preacher took his shoe of to tell a story about that shoe. Me, all I could think of was, I could of used that shoe the other week to whoop Keegans ass. I sit next to his grandma in church, Lovely woman, so is her husband. Keegan is thier grandson, hes I dont know..6 maybe. Keegan was at church the other week with his Grandma, he was fidgeting all over the place with a flee up his ass. I thought, Oh man, here goes. I sat down next to him and looked at him. He looked at me with those huge blue eyes and his cheeky grin. I said to him, do I need to take you round back now, before the preacher starts. Nope!! he said. I gave him my bestest bad look to warn him off. No sooner did the preacher start he was off. Kicking the back of the pews in front, sighing deeply for all to hear, poor Grandma was trying to pin him down while he flailed like a dementd chicken. I was ready to whoop some ass, but didnt know how Grandma would take it. As soon as th preacher had finished his sermon Grandma dragged Keenan out the church and home. I went down to see Keegans grandma a few days later and there he stood hands on hips struttin like a little banty chicken and he said, You frightened me on Sunday! I told him I hope he comes to church this Sunday coz see if you do that again while you are with your Grandma I will take you down the back and pull your pants down and give your ass a good whoopin and you WILL sit there and behave yourself.
 Knowing my luck I would be blessed with a child like Keegan and I would be forever whoopin ass. I dont think I could cope with greetin bairns, bairns are fine....as long as they go back to where ever they came from and dont greet at me all the time.