I would love to be regressed, to be taken back in time. To see who I was, and how I lived. I wonder how many lives I have had. I think I sort know Ive lived before, you know when you just have a feeling. I dont know what era I lived in but I would love to go back to visit.

I remember when I was a kid playing at the park down by the beach. I was about 7 I think. That was back in the days that you left the house by 8 in the Summer holidays and you didnt go back home untill dinner time.
But anyway, I was down the beach playing at the park, just doing what kids do and then I saw a young girl. She was my age and thinking back now, she looked alot like me. She had long curly hair and brown eyes. She was at the top of the slide and when I saw her she turned and looked at me. She didnt say anything and I didnt say anything but we both walked to the swings and just sat there swinging back and forth. 2 names popped into my head, Hazel and Lizzy. We sat in those swings for what felt like forever, just swinging back and forth, not speaking, just looking at each other, as if we knew each other, knowing things about each other that no one around us knew but us. It was like going back in time. All I could see in my minds eye was 2 little girls with long shabby dresses and dirty white pinafores, bare feet, long curly hair, dirty faces, smiling, and a well that you get water from.

Its funny that all these years later I still see things, wether its something I pass in the car, or see on TV, old films, or new films about years ago, way back when, these things still remind me about Hazel, the girl with the long curly hair with the knowing eyes and smile. The quiet conversation, without words, the knowing looks and little smiles to each other

I wonder who she was, who I was. Was she my friend from a past life, was she my sister or a relation. I knew her at 1 time, I just dont know where from but the back of my mind does. It doesnt freak me out, its a different feeling, a knowing feeling. A feeling I dont get often but a calming feeling.

Maybe 1 day I will be regressed back to what I was all those years ago, in another time, another place. I wonder if Hazel will be there if I do go back.


Crow said...

I have a feeling, she will show herself again, and again.

A very different Nicky today. You never stop surprising me.

Nicky said...

Ive never seen her again. Maybe 1 day I will, you just never know, the world is full of surprises