Another Day.

Today was just another day, another Thursday. Thursday is grocery day so I went and filled up on human food and animal feed.

I read Crows comment on my last blog this morning with my coffee. I like Crow, she is deep and meaningfull, always relaxed in everything she does and says. Its like she takes a great big chill pill every day. I have had Crow on my Facebook for probably 2 years now, playing Mafia Wars, we would do out own thing but I didnt get to know Crow, or Willow Crow as I know her untill she commented on my ducklings and I commented on her baby chickens. From there a friendship started, and we are now Kin as Crow said, we are ducky Kin!
So, Crow told me I have to meditate, ok, thats fine, I can do that, I have done it before. So I took my coffee outside, I just sat there after I let the ducks out and fed, just laid back on the recliner, taking in the noise, relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, then I was SCREAMED AT by Moon. Relaxation over with. It was a nice start, maybe I will get to relax a bit more another time.

I came in and Mary called, Mary is my SC Mom, so shes kin too, plus I have 5 of her goats, so Im goaty Kin too.
Mary said I need to go get some Potassium, take 1 a day and my legs should stop aching. So while I was getting groceries I got some.

I also bought me some of this.

I will sit down over the weekend while hubby is at work, put on a DVD and sit and eat my Run Raisin icecream...all on my own!! ALL MINE, NO ONE ELSES. JUST FOR ME!

I got back from town, unpacked and hubby went to bed for a while, so I went out and just chillaxed for a while, watching ducks puddling in pools and bowls, I didnt have my camera but I did take some pics this morning after my relaxation before it I was rudely disturbed.

July's babies.

June's babies


Pekins meditating.

Happy, Crick & Squint posing for the camera.

So tonight after I had put everyone up for the night, I washed dishes, put them away and took my goats milk soap and went and had a shower. I love this goats milk soap.

I love this scent, Its nice and spicey. Also has the website on the little packet so you can order some if you would like. I highly recomend it.

So, that was my day. Im now all clean and ready to go watch Burn Notice, have a coffee and relax before I go to bed and hopefully no achy legs tonight after I took a pill today. Today was a good day.

P.S. Christina told me to get some bag thingy that you put in the microwave and put it on your legs. I must look into that!!


Crow said...

I love your story, and your silver runners and Moon, and your soap and mostly your beautiful smiling face. Can you believe I have never tried rum raisin ice cream? It is going on my bucket list.

Mary is right about that. I too need to take some of those potassium vitamins too. I think I have some in the cupboard. The experts call it Restless Leg Syndrome now. My family always called it "jumpy legs"-- the family curse.

I think I wrote a whole blog post on your blog last night. I am so glad your post reminded my of that meditation. It was pretty profound. I may use my comment as a post if my blogger is working tonight.


Anonymous said...

You have never had Rum Raisin icecream!!! I would send you some but it would just be a melted mess, you need to get some, you will like it!
No achy legs last night, just barking dogs untill 2am, barking at what I have no idea but I sure whated to give them something to bark at!!