Do you have a blanket? I bet theres not many grown women out there with a blanket. I bet your kids or grand kids have a blanket or something like it.
I have a blanket, yep sure do. 39 years old and I still have my blanket!
I had another blanket before this one. I dont remember the other blanket at all. I dont know where or how old I was but I remember my mum telling me I lost it on a train. She had to call my Grandma and tell her I had lost my blanket so she could knit me another one for when we got there. This was the end result. This was all the wool my grandma had left. Green, orange, plurple and not even half way round is red. Its not very big, only about 12 inches square. Its about, at a guess 36 years old, at least. I used to suck my thunb and rub my blanket...as kids do, thats why there are big holes in the corners where its been rubbed apart.
My blanket has been everywhere with me. When I joined the Army, my mum asked if I was going to take my blanket. YES!!!! So, off it went and joined up with me. I kept it hidden away so nobody would see it while I was in training. When I got my 1st posting to Bicester I shared a room with Tet, she didnt have a blanket, but she did have a Bambi. A little Bambi teddy bear with the spots rubbed off its bum. So here was us two grown soldiers with our blanket and our Bambi. Tet still has her Bambi, I asked her where it is or have the kids got it. She said OH NO!!!! Its hidden in my underwear drawer!!  HA!!! Thast where I keep mine too. How come treasured things like that always go in the underwear drawer.
When I bought my 1st house once I got out the Army my mum shouted up the path as I left her house with my last bits and pieces. Have you got your blanket? YES!!! Why wouldnt I have my blanket. It was coming with me to my new house, to share my bed with me. How pathetic is that, but I dont care. For years it got folded in the morning after I made my bed and put on my pillow so it was ready for bed that night. When I got my cats I would let them share it, I would spread it on my pillow and 1 of the cats would sleep on it. Thats the only time I have shared my blanket.
I moved to South Carolina and got married. As I was packing the last of my things to move my mum asked if I was taking my blanket.....YES!!! So off it went on a plane with me to my new life.
Its not seen much of my new life. Its folded up in my underwear drawer away from the world. I take it out every now and then and wash it to keep it fresh. Its not as soft as it used to be, but then again you wouldnt be after all you have been through. So now its all washed and fresh its time to get folded up once more and put away

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