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This is my 1st time blogging!!! Crow told me I should do a Blog, so here is my Blog. Does Blog start with a capital B or just a small b!! Oh well, here goes.
HI!! My name is Nicky Ayres, pronounced Airs unlike most of the telemarketers who think im Mexican and say it Aries...No Ma'am, you have the wrong phone number no Aries live here. CLICK!!
I was born in Birkenhead, across the Mersey from Liverpool, but was raised in Scotland most of my life. My dad was in the Royal Marines so we traveled quite a bit when I was young and my brother was born in Malta while my dad was stationed there. We moved to Scotland when I was 6, its home, always will be, its the only place I know to call home, after all, home is where the heart is. Fast forward quite a few years and I now live in South Carolina USA!! How did you end up here I hear you ask. I met my hubby online, came to visit, he came to visit me and then me and my 2 cats and 2 bags of clothes moved here, or as I say when people ask how I got here...by plane!!! It gets them every time..yes, I can be a smart ass when I want to be, Sarchasm, the lowest form of whit, or is it witt....oh you might be able to tell, Im not good at spelling and I wont be going back over my blog for spelling mistakes either, If I cant spell it, I will spell it how it sounds to me. So, Ive been here for 8 years now, married for 7 years this October, all I have left from the bagage I brought over is some photos, a pair of capris and 1 cat Sonny, Banjamin got run over last month and it broke my heart so it did. I will post photos of them some time I am sure of it.
I better start a new paragraph realy shouldnt I.
Anyway, we live on 3 acres here in Waterloo, South Kakylaky, Redneck country at its best and what a great bunch of people we are down here, my step son Zach, he says Ive turned into a Scottish Redneck, that will do me just fine, Ive fitted in well down here. Oh our 3 acres we have dogs, cats, sorry cat!!, Boer goats, Miniature horses, Sebastopol geese and ducks. WAAAAAAKKKK!!!! Yep, we have lots of WAAAAAKers round these here parts, oh and Tom our stary cat. Im sure over time, everyone will be introduced in my blog. I dont have kids of the human kind, never felt the need realy. People get excited when their baby takes their 1st steps, or 1st tooth, Birthday parties and such, me, I get excited when my ducks lay their 1st egg, or my geese do their 1st HONK to me across the yard, or the puppy does its 1st pee ouside instead of on the floor!!! Yes, my animals are my kids, they maybe animals but I am as proud of them as you are of your kids.
Good Lord, I think im doing ok so far in this Blog thingy. Ok lets shhut this thing down soon and let me have a read, let me do a sort of quick...Who is Me, likes, dislike, loves, look like and so on. I dont know what I do when I finish this, I know I have to publish post, but where does it go to, out into the whole wide world, but where, who will see it and read it, will people post that they have seen it..so If you see it can you add a comment so I know you have seen it, and where you have seen it. Is this like Facebook where it goes out for all bloggers to see!!! Answers on a Post Card pleae.
OK...Nicky Ayres, I was 39 years young this June, Im 5 ft 5 or 6, I dont know how heavy I am, well I sort of have an idea, but lets pass on that shall we. I have brown curly hair, brown eyes. I drink coffee all day, or Dr Peper, I cant cook worth a damn but I do heat up real good! as long as it had directions on how long at what heat sort of thing. I like pastas and rice, steak, LOVE Chinese food and Indian food, I hate Waffle house coffee but at 3 in the morning after watching a rodeo, then it goes down a dream. I hate tomatoes, most veg realy, but my refridgerater looks healthy...its for the ducks and geese. I like Country music, I used to listen to Blink, Good Charlotte, Queen, Elton John, omg, alsorts of music. I love fresh air..something we dont have here in SC, its just thick...cut with a knife thick, no fresh air, I love grass, another thing lacking in SC..we just have dried shriveled up stuff that resembles grass, rain, yep you got it, dont have much of that here either. They are the 3 things I miss from home, fresh air, grass and rain. You dont appreciate what you have untill you loose it, or in my case move. I love my animals, oh and my hubby, cant forget about him too. Well, its time for me to go feed said animals, animals here get fed before humans do in this house. Hubby always asks whats for dinner and what time are we having it. I always say the same. What ever I give you, whenever I put the plate infront of you. Hey, thats me, in a nut shell. Short & sweet!
Well my 1st Blog is officialy over, spelling mistakes an all, I hope you enjoy it, remember to comment if you see it out there in space.
Nicky xxx


janiepilkerton said...

Hooray for blogging! I'm glad you did this because after I left the other day, I thought of all these things I wanted to talk to you about and ask you. I have a blog but I haven't used it since the Fall.

I met Steve online too. Actually, at this point in my life, I've met most of my close friends online, through blogging or message boards. A lot of people think I'm weird, but I couldn't imagine my life without my online friends.

Quack House said...

OMG!! Tina Faye commenting on my blog hehehe. How cool is that. I enjoyed meeting you the other day and Im glad Beatrix has gone to a good home, thats why I offered you 1 of my 3 prized TSQ Holderreads ducks. Im glad you amde the trip down to come see us all down here and I hope Beatrix & Gerber have many happy years together.

Crow said...

Fantastic! Oh my gosh I took a nap and you went and made a blog! I am a follower and I will also put you in my blog roll. You will learn about that later. All sorts of bloggy things.

Will comment more later. Rusty needs the computer.

Nicky said...

ok...let me see if this is going to work...yet again, ive been sat here since 8.30 trying to comment and for some reason it wouldnt let me. Here goes.

Crow said...

It worked!

Christina said...

Wooooo A blog all about you.... Woooohoooohoooo I have a new hobby... Wow I guess that makes me sounds like a stalker...lmao

You rock.....wwwwwaaaaaakkkkkkk

janie said...

Just noticed you like Blink and Good Charlotte! Love them! Actually, the Good Charlotte guys (The Madden Twins) are from Waldorf, where I live. My brother in law had a college class with them at the local community college and they were always asking him to come listen to their band! Shame he never did.

I'm a coffee and Dr. Pepper addict too. It's coffee til about noon, then my DP. :)

Nicky said...

Yeah I love the Good Charlotte, I had them blasting in the truck the other week on the way to the dentist to get a root canal. I drink coffee or Dr P all day, every day, Its a big habit of mine