Under the Tree

Well, I think my 1st blog went ok, easier than I though really. I had lots of comments on my Facebook about it, I told Mary she needs to do a blog, Im going to blog about Mary 1 day, then there was Renita, she thought the same as me...Would people really want to hear about my life and the things I do and about her dad and kids....Well Yesssss!! We would. So hopefully I can get Mary & Renita to do a blog to. We all live on the same street, Renita is at the beginning of the street and im at the top end...3 miles away.

So getting on to yesterday after dinner, took the camera out while I was feeding, I took photos round the tree that is just outside the garage by the drive. Yes I take photos, of all sorts of stuff, mostly as Bambi said today my Kidamals...nice new word for me to use about my kids/animals.
Flower of Scotland!!! Growing in my front yard. I havent cut my grass for a while because I want to leave something for the geese to eat. I saw this growing last month and have waitied for it to bloom.  Yes its a weed by any other name, but its The Flower of Scotland, growing in my yard in South Carolina USA.. How cool is that weed...VERY COOL!!! Its a little piece of home
My very 1st duck! He is sitting on a swing and the weather weathered the string that was on the swing and he fell to the ground like a lead brick...Just like my pekin ducks. He is now propped in the tree.

I wish this was the only sun that was shinning. I need a break from this sun and heat, its depressing to me, it makes me sweat, makes my hair go curlier than it is, makes the animals uncomfortable and makes their pool water hot. Sun, you need to dissapear behind a cloud for a few days and let the rain come. We need it!

I bought an Ivy a few years ago, it died, just like everything else round here. Its hanging from a tree branch and now has clover growing in it. Really, clover, in my pot of dead Ivy, looks like its growing too so keep growing and be lucky your not on the ground for the ducks & geese to eat.
Sonny, my last piece of baggage that I have left that I brought over from Scotland with me. He will be 14 this year, He was sitting on the chair under the tree in the shade with his tongue sticking out and dribbling. I think he misses Benjamin, Ben got run over last month but he still deserves to be next in the photo line.

Benjamin Blyth, may you rest in peace. 6th Jun1997 to 16th June 2011.

Noahs Arc, something was in it this year, glad it didnt get washed away in the flood...what flood, oh yes, we havent had any rain to have a flood!!
Someone was living in the old Wooden House, maybe they will come back next year, this is Noahs Arcs neighbour.
Wasps are living in the Flower House, I wish they werent, but hey, we all need to find a home somewhere and I dont want to evict them, they might come and get me!

Then I came to the Yellow House!!! I was like oh a Lizard is in there....then I moved out the way!

It decided to show me he wasnt no Lizard, so I took a photo and went and shouted Boyd to come looksee.

I went and finished feeding and when I got done he was out!!! Slithering across a branch. Boyd was there watching him, I was trying to move slowly so not to disturb him, I didnt and still dont know what kind he is, I think its a black snake, he was his full length so I knew he wouldnt try to strike. So there I was trying to take photos, Boyd is right behind me, making noise, trying to prod & poke, in the end I said. You need to move coz if this thing turns my way I dont care that you are in my way Im gonna plough right over the top of you so move, Please, you are making me nervous!!

Next minute something touched my leg!! I jumped, they jumped and ran. Elliot & Gemini my 2 young drakes have figured they can get thru the holes in the cattle panel fencing and they had come over to say HI!!! They got screamed at, not that they listen to a word I say.

SO there you go, that was my evening Under the Tree. Mary came round for 10 minutes, I think she had gone to get milk and she came to tell me she wasnt going to the sale today. My ducks have a reprieve this week, I dont want tog on on my own. Its no fun sitting havign dinner at Petes on your own. At the sale I would have the old foks to chat to but I would rather be there with Mary on our girls night out. Yep, small things amuse small minds, It used to be that my girls nights out were full of drinking, music and dancing, now iI live the quiet life here in South Carolina, my night out consists of dinner at Petes then the Chicken Sale with a bottle of Dr Pepper and a bag of M&Ms.
Well thats about all for this blog, Im sure I have bored you all ready.
God Bless American and the spider that had left its web in this house.


Ann said...

You just need to send the yellow house visitor to call on his neighbors in the flower house. At least one problem will be taken care of :)

Nicky said...

I dont mind any of them being there as long as they stay out of my personal space :)

Christina said...

I love reading about your life. You my friend are interesting. And I so wish we lived closer.... then again maybe not.... You + Jack would = way tooooo many runners...lmao

Love ya

Anonymous said...

I hope this Comment box rots in hell!!! I go to comment and it makes me sign in, I sign in and it makes me sign in again, and again, AND AGAIN!!! I WILL Comment in this box if it is the last thing I do tonight. Damn You Comment box.
Christina, Thanks for coming to have a read you Crazy Crazy woman, you do know you can never have nough Runners. xxx

Crow said...

I am glad the comment box didn't rot in hell so I could tell you that I just LOVED this blog entry. What a great story about your tree!

OMG that snake must have been after eggs, or the baby birds. ;-( You must have about crapped your pants.

You have lizards in SC? We had them in FL. Everywhere. Even Iguanas. It got cold one night, and everybody found dead iguanas under the trees. Col blooded creatures couldn't take the cold.

Dear Comment box, please be nice to Nicky. :-)