Its hot today but it was hotter the last few days. The heavens opened and gave us some much needed rain, it came down in bucket fulls, so fast and so hard it didnt even penetrate the ground really, just sta there for the ducks to make mud holes, or should I say BIGGER mud holes. The rain went as quick as it appeared but we did have another down pour around 7ish just in time to cool the day off before I put the ducks up for the night.

I had a Mafia Wars friend comment on 1 of my photos yesterday, I havent seen him on my FB page for a while so asked how he was doing, wheres hes been and what hes been up to. Hes a nice guy, 1 of my ducks is named after him...Sarsipius Brown, some of my duck friends will know this name, and probably recongise the photo of him. LOL, well its not him but the photo I put up is what he sent me. Anyway!! He answered me back. I got shot!!!!! As I said, hes a funny guy, always laughing and jocking around, my wise ass comment back was...What did you do, rob a 7/11. He was walking home and got a sore back, went into his house, took his shirt off and was covered in blood, he went outside and next he knew he was in Hospital. He didnt hear the shot, doesn tknow who did, it or if it was even for him. I was a bit shocked and my guilt kicked in for my wise ass comment. I couldnt hold back my wise ass yet again and said, so did Big Pete sack you for being late for work, did he come visit you in hospital, did he stick his finger in your bullet hole. Sars, he just takes everything in his stride, but hes now scared of the city and is looking for somewhere else to live. Im glad to hear hes ok and making fun as usual, just think, if he hadnt off popped up on a comment, I would never know he had been shot.

My neighbour Anita called me yesterday, she was up in Greenville with her family, she called to ask if I would go and check on Maxes water. Max is their dog, he went wandering yet again for a girlfriend and came back home with a tore up leg so he is now grounded in the back yard. I said yes, no problem, I would go check on him. Max is just a mutt, the best kind to have, I dont have a photo but hes a big white and brown patched dog who likes to give kisses when you go visit. Anita asked me if I had seen the news this morning, No Ma'am, Im lucky if I get to watach TV till later on tonight. She said a local Laurens County Sheriff had been shot in the line of duty last night and it was her nephew. So please give thoughts and prayers for the family of fallen Sheriff Roger Rice today. The man who shot him also shot his girlfriend, so our thoughts also go out to her family today. The Laurens Dept shot the guy, but hes now using tax payers money at the Hospital!!!

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Crow said...

Oh my goodness. The world is such a scary place sometimes. Prayers sent~