Quality Control for the hay

At long last...July 22nd to be exact!!! Hay, 2nd cutting. No more of the dried up winter crap. Nice GREEN hay. Thank You Gene...$45.. SAY WHAT!!!! Daylight robbery at its finest. Give me 2 bales and send up a prayer they dont roll off when I go round a bend and send up another prayer that Mr Police man does not catch me with no lights with my bales rolling round in the back of the trailer.

Amen!!! made it home. The goats eyes nearly popped out their heads when they saw me coming up the drive. Quality Control guys were on standby waiting to inspect. I had those puppies rolled off the trailer in 30 seconds flat. Pictures didnt turn out to well in the sun...but believe me...ITS GREEN!!!!
2 nice big bales...should last me about 6 to 8 weeks. They are as tall as me 5 ft 5.

Quality Control stepped in. Checked it out... and checked it out some more.

They decided to check the under side too...theres just no pleasing some folks!

Looking good so far....

Yep, Its good hay, YOU PAID HOW MUCH!!! Tell Mr Gene he can kiss our lilly white butts, he needs to lower the price!!!
Its thirsty work being Quality Control round here.
Mary, Steve & Kenneth Roddy all turned up to help me tip the bales flat side down onto pallets. Thank You Roddy Clan. Time to go out and sit and look at my nice hay for a little while.


javajanie said...

Those quality control guys sure are cute!

Nicky said...

They were my 1st ever hatchlings. Elliot & Gemini can be a pain in the butt sometimes but they sure are handsome. Dont you wish all QC were this cute!

Neterpoo said...

Madison loved the pictures...she would have one of every animal if she could..I am sure we will turn into a zoo/farm soon!

Neterpoo said...

Cute! Madison loved the pictures...she is an animal girl and would have one of every kind if she could. Sure we will be a zoo/farm very soon

Crow said...

Awe. They are handsome ducks indeed. I have some that will be looking like that soon.

Second cut is what we got. Right now I am doing the small bales, but soon, I will be driving with bald tires to pick up my giant rolls. :-)

You need to remind them goats that they are lucky they are not Mexican food. ;-)