Duck days of Summer

Dont you just hate the dog days of Summer, with its heat, sticky air you can cut with a knife.
All I seam to do is sweat all summer. I can not get motivated at all. I get up and have my coffee, clock watching, knowing that I should be out letting the ducks out, feeding everyone. I know that as soon as I step foot out the door im going to sweat! I HATE IT!!!
I go and let the ducks out, I feed everyone, clean the duck house, refill waterbowls & pools, and Im soaked to the skin, literally. I know I have to keep going out, checking on everyone in the heat of the day and I sit there dreading every minute of it. I just wish the wind would blow, the rain would come, dreanch the place and soak me to the skin with rain and not sweat. Yeah I know, SUCK IT UP!!! I cant, If I do, im only sucking up the sweat that dripping down my face, nasty I know.
Im not from round these parts.Im from Scotland, we have snow in June. Oh how I wish we had snow in June in South Carolina, I would even settle for sleet, or even a tad of rain, to wake everyone up from these dog days of lying round to hot and exhausted to do anything. Yes Im a moaner, I hate feeling lethargic with this heat. I want to moan again that the type of lettering in this blog has changed, I want to change it but If I do, I know I will loose what I have typed so far, so, never mind.
Even the little birds sit still and are quiet. Not a cheep out of anyone. Even the crows have been quiet the past couple of days, usually they are out the back of the property cawing at what ever is pissing them off at the time, but nothing, they just want to sit in the shade, not move and get sweaty.
The minis dont do much either, they just congregate round the back of their carport stalls out of the sun and under the trees trying to keep cool, nose to tail, all swishing the flies out of each others faces. The goats sit up on their porch, chewing the cud...yes goats chew their cud! The poor ducks and geese, they try to stay cool but the sun heats up their pools and buckets so quick they have very little relief. The water gets so hot its unbelievable, if it wasnt poop soap, you would use it to have a bath its that hot. They cant wait till the after noon to see me come sweating across the yard. I can sit in the house witht he AC on, they have to sit out in the heat, poor things, and wait for me to come and hose them down.
They all stand there quite happily as I give them some relief from the heat, standing tall like little soldiers, waiting for their turn to be hosed down and get their pools and water bowls filled up. Then for half an hour everyone is happy. They splash about like a bunch of kids, playing, splashing, digging mud holes round the pools, wallowing in it for the relief from these dog days of summer.
Everyone one of them is happy to see me standing there dripping in sweat, the sweat stinging my eyes, getting eaten alive by every bug that passes by. Ok, so I must admit, not this past week I havent. I bought some goats milk soap with citronella in it, no bugs on me, its brilliant!!!! I wish it would also stop the sweat.
SO!! Think of your animals on these hot, dog days of Summer! Dont let them suffer.

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Crow said...

Oh sweet Nicky, if I could harness some cool mountain air your way I would.

Maybe you (and Mary) should move a little more North and be my neighbors. I would help with stall day.

I think you are going to invest in a bikini, girl. :-)

Your duckies have a good momma. I was away from my herd/flock/menagerie for over 24 hours. That is a long time for me. But my daughters BF stayed here and followed all my directions.

Do I need to come down there and do a rain dance?


PS I needed the crows for a few days, I will send them back asap.