Dear Blogger dashboard

Dear Blogger dashboard. This is the second time I have typed out this wish out to you. Took me a while to explain what I wanted in my last wish with carefully chosen words and this time I dont know if I have the will, time or the patience to say it so nicely again but I will try my best.
Its my blog after all, I realy would like to COMMENT on MY BLOG to the nice people who have gone out their way to COMMENT on MY BLOG.
I come to my dashboard and see I have a comment, I go and read said comment and then I want to reply back, thats MANNERS, Something I think your mama, did NOT install into you. I would LOVE to install some manners into you!! WHERE THE SUN DONT SHINE!!!
So as I was saying, I make my way over to comment, yes I have to sign in, but at the top right corner is says in signed in, so I press COMMENT and I have to sign in, I sign in and it takes me to where I can comment. I make my comment with as much feeling as I can muster knowing the outcome of it and press send. You then make me sign in!!! 
 Didnt I just sign in. Ok, I must be blonde, I know im not, I have brown hair, ok, I have gray hair coming thru and I dye it when ever I feel the need or the grey roots are showing by 3 inches and it looks like crap, but thats neither here nor there.
So I sign in again, then you ask me to type in the few letters to make sure in not SPAM!!!  SO i type in my letters and I press send..or comment or what ever you make me press. And LOW AND BE HOLD!!! You take me back to the sign in page.
WTF is wrong with you, This is where the manners should kick in for you, I did as you requested, you are ment to say Thank You Ma'am and move on to deliver my comment to the screen. But noooooooo!
I go to my dashboard, It says im still signed in, so I delete my comment and press send, here we go again. Im starting to feel like DAMN SPAM!!! Spam is crap they scrape up of the floor mush it all together stick in a can and tell us its meat. It aint mean by any means, its crap, just like you, a waste of time.
So, Dear blogger dashboard, point me in the right direction, tell me in big bright letters what I am doing wrong, send me towards the light so I can do it right the 1st time and not have to get frustrated with you when you beat me with that shitty stick of yours. Let me sign in but once a day, and not let me sit here swearing at you. If my mum was here she would look at me in disgust and tell me swearing is not lady like and do I want soap in my mouth. Yes, I might be 39 years old my mum will still put soap in my mouth if she hears me swearing, But Im past the point of giving a shit about soap in my mouth. I would rather my mum do that than me have to sign onto my account that it already signed into 100 times a damn day.
So this is what I have done oh Dear blogger dashboard. I saved my dashboard on my favourites, then i saved my blog page too. My dashboard it clicked to stay signed in but my blog page says not signed in. How do I sign into my page, or do I do it all thru my dashboard. if the dashboard, how the fuck do I comment without having to sign in every time you get a corn cob stuck up your ass, I really do hope your next shit is a hedgehog you nasty piece of work. All I ask is you let me comment witout repeating myself over and over like a damn parrot.
Please oh Dear blogger dashboard, mend the errors of your ways and lead me not into temptation of swearing at you with unlady like words.
In the name of sign in screens, swearing and soap in my mouth.
Fingers crossed this postes when I press the Publish Post Button!!!


~*~Laurie~*~ said...

ROFL!! I love you Nicky!!!! You're the greatest!

Anonymous said...

Laurie, Im going to send this, I dont know if it will work, sometimes it lets me comment back under Anonymous.
Heard your great news yesterday Laurie, Im so happy for you, your health can only get better and make your life so much better, plus, it will only make your beautiful heart even bigger than it already is. We all Love you Miss Laurie. xxxx

Crow said...

LOL Nicky, you are FUNNY.

You can swear on blogs. It is highly recommended to make them work correctly. I am not sure if you signed up on google. But when I comment, I have to select a profile, which is located under the comment box. I choose google, because thet is my blog "reader" I have to sign in if I haven't already, then hit enter. Then, if spam controls are on, which is the default, it will ask for the spammy words that I have to type in, after all of that I can edit my post or submit. The last time I submitted a comment on your blog, it said you have to review the comment and post the comment.

You will have to go to your dashboard and find "comments" click on that to review and publish your reader's comments. But you may have changed it by now. lol.

Anonymous said...

ok...15th copy & paste
plus, Ive also found it easier to send it Anonomuusly.
Was wondering where you were and wondered if you had a power outage. Yes I swore and think I made it work..oh sorry, you ment how to use the blog, hehhehe. The problem im having is I just dont know how it all works yet! I come in on my dashboard, click on blog and it takes me there but im not signed in. Sometimes it will let me comment, most of the time it wond, so I now copy and paste just incase it doesnt so I dont have to type it all out again. I will have to sit down with you 1 day we are both free and work stuff out. I asked for a guilding light to come and help me. I knew you would come along. Thank You Crow. x