All's Good

Update from last Blog.

I got my other bag packed, cleaned round the house as best as I was going to and then waited for Emmas new mum to come pick her up. She arrived and I told her I had been good and not cried yet that morning...and burst out crying!!! Fool that I am. We sat for a while and went thru some thing she might want to know about Emma and all to soon it was time for Emma to go. I put her collar and leash on and she was all excited, so was Locksley, Emma was going to start her new life, Locksley was staying here but he wanted to go for a walk too. We took Emma out and opened the car door, she jumped right in, ok she didnt, she put her front feet in and I lifted the fat butt end of her up and in. She sat there thinking she was Queen Bee, all smiles because she was going in the car. I gave her a hug, told her to be good and shut the door. I cried again, Branwen told me she was going to be fine, I know she is, she is going to a great family who are going to be good for her. I keep telling myself she is going to be fine and she is.

My neighbour came up to say goodby, her husband didnt want to come up, he didnt want to see me crying more so she came on her own to collect my gold fish to put in her pond. Then it was time to leave.
I carried my bags outside and loaded them in the truck, told Bear & Locksley to be good and shut the door, got in the truck and didnt look back. We now had to drive up to Charlotte NC to get my flight, we stopped on the way for lunch, chicken & rice day at Cracker Barrel. I had to eat now because I knew the food on the flight would be nasty. We got to the airport and booked bags in then we went back outside so I could have a smoke before I went up to get my flight. Me & Mary chatted for a while then I told her she better get going before the rush hour traffic, he hugged, said goodby, cried then started chatting about stuff and started laughing. I told Mary, quick walk away while we are laughing, she did, me, I sat there and smoked a few more smokes before my flight. It was going to be a long flight and a long day for me. My flight was long, cramped and univentfull and I hated every minute of it.

I landed in Aberdeen to rain, I was glad. I stood for a second at the top on the steps and just took a deep breath of the fresh air I had missed. I found mum & Ron waiting for me at the baggage thingy, we had hugs and hellos, i described my bags and outside I went for a smoke. I walked out and I saw a guy I had went thru school with. Hi Graham, hows you, Oh nae to bad, fit like yir sell. I laughed I said I was fine and he said he hadnt seen me for a while. I explained that I had been away for 8 years, we laughed and joked about for a while and before long I had finished my smoke and time to go get my baggage. It was nice to get home and bump into someone I had grown up with, it was as if I had never been away. Bags were collected and in the car we went. I oohed and ahhhed at all the hay bales and the green grass. Its amazing what you miss when you dont have it. Grass!!

By the time we got home the sun was out, my neighbour told me I should of came home sooner. Its been nice every day, a bit of rain here and there, then sun, then wind, then it rains and the winds dissapears and the sun comes out again. No snow yet, but its not far away.

Ive not done much since I got home but I went and got my hair cut. My hairdresser is a young guy who opened a salon with his brother years ago. Hes all grown up now, getting married next year to his long time girlfriend. He asked what I wanted done. He said OVERHAUL!!. He coloured my hair, sun kissed it, cut it and made me, me again!  Mary, he said to tell you my hair was 1 1/2 inches longer on 1 side and to keep to cutting horses manes and tails. I just laughed.

All's good in my life just now. Im happy.!


Neterpoo said...

Glad you are happy! I have your address in the bulletin for Sunday...

Star Ranch said...

Tell your hairdresser it's had to cut curly hair that keeps springing back up.lol

Star Ranch said...
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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you home and happy!
Kim's Warren